Custom Video

Are you ready to go next level?
Then be the Director of our very own Custom Video!

You may have noticed how much I love to role play and act out on camera. This is the way to realize all those specific fantasies you’ve been thinking about and have them forever. We can script it, create a character, or I can just talk directly to you POV style. I’m always down for creativity, so here’s your chance to impress me, and truly bring out my wild side… Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Use the space below to send me your idea. I’ll carefully review it and decide if it’s a go.
  2. You’ll get an email from me letting you know what pricing it falls under, and any notes I may have for you.
  3. Once we finalize the idea you’ll get a second email link (URL) to place a deposit. Custom Videos need a 50% deposit before I start filming. When the video is ready you’ll get another email link to pay the balance. One more email link for you to download and presto.. we did it!

I have an assistant that screens emails before I get to read them. The Request always goes there first.
Any requests that would be considered unreasonable or illegal will be ignored. Harassment gets reported. Keep it respectful (and fun)!

Please allow additional turnaround time for customs ordering. Kaylani schedules every shoot with her production team in Los Angeles around a hectic travel schedule and strives to do the highest quality performance with every video. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Custom Video Prices

$300 (max length 10 minutes)
$600 (max length 20 minutes)
$900 (max length 30 minutes)

The prices listed above are custom videos that feature me alone. I am open to doing things that involve other people but be aware it may occur an additional cost.

Submit Your Request Here:

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